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Cell Phone Violators Beware: FMCSA Fines Surpass $10 Million Per Month

The numbers don't lie.  Employees who use hand held mobile devices while driving pose significant financial liability to their employers.

According to FMCSA data compiled and presented by Peoplenet there has been a steady and rapid increase in fines issued to truck drivers and carriers for various violations of the new regulations that prohibit hand held use of mobile devices while driving commercial vehicles.

The data is summarized below and reveals the following monthly fines have been issued thus far in 2013:

  • Jan = $1,614,250
  • Feb = $4,081,000
  • Mar = $6,688,000
  • Apr = $10,070,500


The message is clear.  Drivers and carriers who ignore the rules can expect to pay a significant fine and suffer the consequences of having higher CSA basic scores.

Alternatively, drivers and carriers who are proactive can leverage innovative technology to promote safe and legal use of mobile devices while employees are driving on the job.

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